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Super Mario Run For Android Full Version Download – Download SMR For Android Apk

Download Super Mario Run For Android Full Version APK – Are you searching for The latest Nintendo Super mario Run Android version? Its finally here and you can download the full version for free from here. Just keep Scrolling until you reach the download option.

super Mario run android Apk

Within the 4 days of its releases, this game becomes talk of the town. According to Apptopia, the app has attained 2,850,000 downloads in its first day, Which is incredible.

The number is two times more in compared to Pokémon Go. As per the Appannie, the app has received 3.5 million downloads from the U.S. within 14 hours and 10 million downloads worldwide. Let see what’s the game carries inside that amazes the people and increases their curiosity and craving to play the game.

Download Super Mario Run For Android Apk

The company designed the control scheme of the game in a way that users can play it single-handedly. Users can smoothly play the game with one hand while they are traveling by bus or train in standing position and holding the handle with another hand.

Download Super Mario RUN APK

While users are interacting with jumping, the game offers variations in the theme. Mario can jump higher by holding down for a longer time period and tapping again while in the air.

Features of Super Mario RUN Android

It is fun. While there are some flaws, overall it is an enjoyable game. I knew that it is NOT the traditional Super Mario Bros. games I grew up with, and since that was known months before the release, the style or gameplay is not a surprise or disappointment.

There’s a great nostalgia factor in the game, particularly with the SMB 3-esque pirate ships and the different Bowser stages which bring back to the original game and Super Mario World.

There are many reasons to make this your next favorite game

“I think Super Mario Run is great — fun gameplay, impressive graphics, and it’s challenging enough to offer replayability in a way that doesn’t get tedious. I wish the game provided more content for the $9.99 IAP (I finished the entire game in a day), but the multiplayer mode provides a lot of play time.”

  • In Mario, Nintendo has managed its IP very well in terms of soundtrack, cast, and design. The game looks beautiful having advanced graphical capabilities and iPhone’s color gamut.
  • The game contains bright colors that are visually delightful, and it comprises small sized characters that are easy for the eye to see. Soundtracks and sound effects become catchier with a great mix of the classic.
  • The company offers extensive replay value to the users by catering with various challenges that are unlocked when pink and then purple coins are collected.
  • It also requires some complex jumping strategies that bring to mind puzzle games like Mario vs. Donkey King. All of these are compounded by the fact that player has got to capture them all in one go.

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